Our studio is a COVID safe registered business and we have taken all the necessary precautions to keep you and us safe. This includes spacing pottery wheels 1.5 metres apart, thorough sanitising of surfaces and all tools and equipment, and limiting the number of visitors in the studio. Please do not visit the studio if you are unwell, have symptoms such as cough. fever, runny nose or if you have visited any known hot spots. The studio uses the Service NSW QR code to sign in. 

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Artist Profile

Zeynep Testoni

Zeynep creates functional and decorative ceramic art. Zeynep is inspired by the ocean and natural surrounds of her home in the village of Gerroa, NSW Australia.


Just as the ocean can be crystal clear and calm one day and grey and tumultuous the next, Zeynep's ceramic practice is also a little unpredictable as she prefers to approach her making with a 'go with the flow' attitude and a philosophy of the 'pot decides what it wants to be.' She believes that each piece will eventually 'find a home', even if sometimes that ‘home’ is back in the recycled clay bucket. Zeynep prefers to make in small batches with each vessel taking on a character of its own. The eclectic and diverse nature of her work means that each piece is truly unique. 

Zeynep's home studio is open to visitors by appointment. She conducts regular pottery classes, and one-off pottery wheel throwing experiences at her new purposed designed pottery teaching studio in Gerringong, Soul Clay Studios.  With a solid background in education, teacher professional learning and educational consultancy, Zeynep can tailor packages for corporate, business and personal clients using "Clay" as the medium for creating understandings about workplace relationships, goal setting, dealing with change and

working with purpose.