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I'm Zeynep.

I'm quite busy these days managing our teaching studio Soul Clay Studios in Gerringong. Thankfully, I can occasionally escape to my home studio, in Gerroa,  to 'potter about'. I have a small range of work available in my online shop that is made to order and a few special one-off pieces. I'm relatively new to pottery and I'm still surprised every time I succeed in making something from a ball of clay to a finished product. I love how humbling the clay is. It's a constant reminder to enjoy the process and focus on this moment right now. I call it 'mindful making moments'. I create each and every piece with love and joy. It brings me so much happiness when I receive messages and photos of where my work eventually finds a home. For as long as this joy remains with me, that's as long as I will continue to work with my soul clay. 

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